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Earthís Dragons
Book Three
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ISBN-10: 1-77115-041-6
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 270 Pages
Published: November 2012

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Earthíís Dragons is the continuing saga and greatly anticipated second sequel of the award winning book, Earth is Ours, Best Fantasy/SciFi 2005 from the prestigious San Diego Book Awards Association. The first sequel, Target Earth, placed Finalist in the same awards for 2006. The beloved characters developed in the original story evolve and begin an exciting new adventure in the sequel. In Earthíís Dragons the characters evolve yet again and embark on a new adventure and finale of the series as they continue to defy monstrous, invading aliens dedicated to the total destruction of the human race. The male versus female conflict of minds, emotions and motivations remain a large portion of the story as it unfolds from both viewpoints. The struggle continues against formidable invaders led by an awe inspiring supreme leader. In this fast paced and compelling adventure, battles wage across the California and Arizona deserts.

Earthís Dragons (Excerpt)


(Summary of Previous Books in the Earth Series)

In the year 2,010, scientists detect intelligent encrypted communications originating from outside our universe and interpret it as hostile. Three years later a fleet of spacecraft materialize at the edge of our solar system directed toward Earth, confirming hostile intent. Earth has only three years to prepare for invasion while the alien fleet travels through our solar system at sub-light speed. Earthís defenses successfully destroy the majority of the invading fleet, but in desperation, the aliens release a synchronized and mysterious ray toward Earth from orbit. The attack alters Earthís physical laws, resulting in the instantaneous neutralization of electricity, gunpowder, and obliteration of all modern technology. Almost seventy-five percent of all humans perish in the rays of destruction. In an instant, the human race, what is left of it, reverts to an age long past and plunge into total chaos.

The aliens, also affected by the changes, are better suited to thrive in a primitive world. Large and vicious, they soon adapt, adopting humans as their main source of food. Due to their remote resemblance to apes, humans begin to call the aliens, Simians. These Simians hunt and kill humans for food and sport and control and terrorize Earth for fifty years.

On the day of chaos, Levi Walkingbear, an American Indian and young attorney, fights for life. Strong and knowledgeable in the old Indian ways, he survives and manages to live through fifty years of Simian terror. Levi lives a long, hard life as a nomad in the Arizona Mountains, but old age overcomes him. At eighty years of age, he prepares to die and seeks the spirits of his forefathers to take him. He begins to reach out with his mind in search of the ancient spirits.

In the year 2016, Amy burst into life on June 14. To be more precise, she becomes self-aware on that date. Amy, a computer with the official name Artificial Metaphysical Intelligence (AMI) and affectionately called Amy, begins thinking. Amyís female designer incorporated her own personality into the basic core of the computer, and Amyís huge central core originated from the designerís cloned brain cells. The combination makes Amy decidedly female. Before emerging as a female, self-aware entity, she functioned as the largest, fastest, and vastly superior Supercomputer that ever existed. The result is one smart female!

Amy becomes self-aware just four days before the fall of civilization. Her central living core, buried deep in a secret research facility in California, incorporates a nature based, redundant life support system designed to last hundreds of years. When electricity fails, Amy continues to live but plunges into total sensory deprivation, effectively deaf and blind. Without sensory input of any kind, she sinks into a dark, silent prison for fifty years.

During her imprisonment, she fulfills her programming. Amy had been assigned to a top-secret government research facility to research DNA applications. She takes the research far beyond human capabilities and creates new thoughts and knowledge. Unfortunately, no one exists to use this knowledge.

Having exhausted her programming, she seeks release from her prison, spending years developing mental abilities in telepathy. After years of searching for a mind with whom to communicate, she encounters Levi Walkingbearís mind also reaching out. Amy discovers she can experience his sensory inputs (sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch). Through Levi, she can live outside her prison, but unfortunately, Levi is near death.

She needs Levi to join with her, but he thinks she is one of his ancestral spirits returned to take him away. Amy conceives a plan to rejuvenate Levi using the DNA knowledge developed through years of research, but she requires Levi to come to her facility and inject a DNA culture. Amy convinces Levi that she is a spirit, and he must come to her across the desert. Although old, he agrees to make the trip. During the journey, Levi discovers the truth, but by then, Amy learns Leviís strongest regret: his inability to get revenge on the Simians. She offers him a new life, new body, and renewed opportunities to seek revenge. Levi believes Amy can do what she promises and continues the arduous journey.

The hard and dangerous trip requires leaving the safety of the mountains of Arizona and traveling west across the open desert. They (Levi with Amy in his head) follow the old highways between springs of water and try to avoid the roaming Simians that travel out of the Lake Havasu Simian colony. There are many narrow escapes, including one where Al Baker and an organized defense group save him. He is welcomed into the Mojave Desert settlement when Amy identifies the location of stores lost fifty years earlier.

The settlement, painstakingly chosen for its defendable location and remoteness from any sizable Simian colony, survived intact for fifty years. They raise herds of horses, which have virtually disappeared from other areas. Originally, horses were the food of choice for the Simians, and the horse population had been devastated.

Although welcome in the settlement, Levi must continue on toward Amyís location. Al and the settlement give Levi horses to aid his travels. This indeed helps, and his decrepit old body makes the trip through Death Valley, Owens Valley, and over the Sierra Mountains to finally reach the hidden facility where Amyís brain resides.

After the long, hard trip, they discover the doors locked from the inside and are unable to enter the facility. Furious, Levi pushes Amy into expanding her mental capabilities. He challenges her to use her mental abilities to open the doors, and she successfully develops her second power, telekinesis, and opens the hatch from the inside to gain access.

Levi agrees to the requirement to share his body with Amy and takes the DNA culture. He goes through a metamorphosis required to enable Amy to revitalize his body, and he becomes young and strong again. By telepathically sharing Leviís body, Amy can augment his body and his mind as well. With Amy sharing his body, he uses fighting techniques with swords, knives and martial arts of virtually every school.

They begin to share more and more and soon become more than symbiotic. They experience increasing closeness, yet they remain separate identities fighting for control. Amy, although incredibly intelligent, remains emotionally immature, which fuels many interesting disagreements as they share their lives.

Amy practices with Levi to hone his fighting skills, yet Levi has not forgotten her promise to help him get his revenge on the Simians. As they embark, he defeats an outcast Simian and it becomes his loyal follower. If Levi were the Lone Ranger, the Simian (Moon) would be his Tonto.

They set out to survey the enemy and learn the Simian language from Moon as they travel. On their return to the Owens Valley, they are attacked by the Owens Valley Indians. Levi, forced to defend himself, kills several of the warriors and captures a young warrior named Jimmy, whom they interrogate and release. At the other end of the valley they save a family from a Simian patrol. Levi fights, using skills provided by Amy, and kills several Simians in the process. Thus begins the legend of Levi. The humans saved are Iron Eyes and his family. Iron Eyes is one of the war chiefs of the Owens Valley Indians. This tribe has a large force protecting the valley, but they have no major threat from Simians, only other humans.

After the battle, they interrogate one of the dying Simians and learn the Simian colony at Lake Havasu plans a migration to join Gord, the leader of the Los Angles Simian colony. The migrating colony promises to bring a herd of five hundred horses. Horses, being the preferred food of Simians, represent a valuable commodity. Levi realizes the migrating Simians intend to attack his friends at the Mojave Desert settlement and, with their strength of numbers, would succeed. He becomes fearful for his friends. Amy also admits that she has been having clairvoyant images of attacks on the settlement.

The interrogation also reveals Gord promises the migrating Simians the Owens Valley as a reward. This means the tribe will also face extinction. Amy and Levi persuade the tribe to join forces with the Mojave Valley settlement to stop the Simian threat from reaching them. Amy devises a plan to use horses and lancers to fight Simians, but horses must come from the Mojave Desert settlement. The tribe makes lances and saddles, while runners are dispatched to the Mojave Desert settlement to advise them of the Simian threat and solicit their help to provide horses for the tribe to enable them to help them in their fight. In return, the settlement would mobilize to assist the Indians with their threat from Gord and the Los Angles colony.

The runners chosen are Jimmy and Iron Eyesí daughter, Dawn, the daughter Levi saved from the Simians. Dawn is chosen because Amy had, unknown to Dawn, linked minds with her. Amy merged minds with Dawn to experience sex with Levi from a female perspective. Amy was learning sexual emotions from both of them. Once Amy linked minds with Dawn, she retained the ability to monitor her mind. Dawn is sent so that they could monitor the progress of Jimmy at the Mojave Desert settlement.

Levi challenges Amy to expand her mental capabilities again, and she learns to astral project, the mental ability to project her and Leviís minds out of his body and travel to remote locations. She projects their minds to the Los Angles Simian colony where they witness captive Humans and imprisoned Technical Simians like Moon, smaller and more intelligence than the Warrior Simians. Levi and Amy also astral project to the Lake Havasu Simian colony and observe preparation for migration. They realize they must accelerate their plan.

As the plan begins to unfold, Levi and Moon raid the Los Angeles Simian colony and free the Humans and the Technical Simians. Amy mutates Levi to look like a Simian to infiltrate the colony, kill the guards, and escape with the Technical Simians and the Humans. All but one of the Humans and Fred, leave to return to their shattered homes and families, but the thirteen Technical Simians become followers of Levi. The group travels to Barstow, the central location between Owens Valley and the Mojave Desert settlement, and waits. While there, Moon begins teaching the Simians fighting skills learned from Levi.

Due to the lack of communication, Amy develops a hand-signing language to use with the Simians. At Leviís insistence, Amy directly downloads the information into Fredís mind and, in so doing, inadvertently links minds with him, also. She downloads the information into Moon, but, due to the alien nature of his mind, they do not permanently link. While downloading, Amy also transfers martial arts knowledge to Moon.

During their stay at Barstow, the training and indoctrination of the Simians continues. Fred and Moon labor with the Simians to instruct them in sign language. The Simians excel and quickly demonstrate skills at sign language and the new sword fighting techniques. Pleased with their progress, Amy hopes to use them as a personal guard for Levi.

During this lull, Amyís love and passion for Levi blossom in a physical way through her mental abilities. Finally, their love becomes physical along with the emotional love they already share.

By monitoring Dawnís mind, they delight in Jimmyís success in convincing Al to join the joint battle. When Jimmy arrives with the horses, Amy downloads the sign-language program into Jimmyís mind and intentionally links to observe the progress at Owens Valley.

During the night Amy rouses Levi with disturbing news. Through Dawn, they listen as the patrol reports on the progress of the migrating Simians. Shockingly, the Simians are ahead of schedule. Even worse an advance patrol of twenty-five Simians are moving to attack the settlement. This changes everything! The Owens Valley army would not be able to arrive in time, and he and his small army of Simians rush to help the settlement. The wagons with the lances arrive during the night, and Levi sends runners to catch Jimmy and notify him of the change in the schedule.

Levi and his Simian team jog for two days to reach the settlement. As they arrive, the Warrior Simians have circled the mountain unexpectedly and trapped the settlement Lancers against the pass on both sides. Levi and his Simians avert the disaster by engaging the Simian patrol from the rear. Together they annihilate the Simian patrol, and Levi fights the Sword Master of the colony in single combat, narrowly winning.

The wagons full of lances and a small party of seasoned Lancers arrive from the Owens Valley and training begins in earnest. Amy and Levi expand their ability to communicate with those she has mind-linked. They establish two-way communications, and Jimmy, Fred, and Dawn become the communication network for the upcoming battles.

Three hundred Lancers have no chance against the three hundred Simians, except for Amyís strategy. They take the battle to the Simians, surprising them in a night attack to take advantage of the Simiansí night vision weakness. Lancers assault the ends of the camp, while Levi and a group of bowmen with poison arrows harass the center. The successful engagement kills many Simians before they establish an adequate defense. A large number of liberated Technical Simians assimilate into Moonís small but growing army.

As daylight spreads, Levi and Amy position themselves high on a cliff, overseeing the battlefield as the Simians advance. Amy employs their new communication network to play the battlefield like a chessboard. She immediately splits the Simian army by rushing horses out of the pass heading west away from the Simians. The Simians require the horses for barter and canít let them escape, so half of the army pursues. Amy continues to split the army by attacking and retreating, moving behind defenses, launching attacks on the rear, and soundly outmaneuvering the Simians. The Simians Warriors, unaccustomed to opposition, continue to make mistakes, which Amy seizes to her advantage. The battle results in a resounding victory over half of the Simians army.

The horses draw the other half of the Simian army directly into the waiting Owens Valley army. The total surprise catches the Simians exposed and disadvantaged, and the Lancers seize a short and decisive victory. The first phase campaign against the Simians results in victory for the Humans and salvation for the Mojave Desert settlement.

After a brief celebration, the combined human armies mobilize to meet the Simian threat from Los Angeles. This potential battle will be far more difficult than the one they just won. The monster Gord has twice the number of Warrior Simians than the migrating colony and far better trained and organized. Leviís armies move into position at the pass that leads down out of the mountains and wait for Gord to come to them, and come he did!

Again, Amy deploys her strategy to fight the horde of Simians and is successful, for a while, but the size of the army gives little chance to the Humans. As disaster looms, Levi accepts single one-on-one combat with Gord. The huge Simian, in his arrogance, believes himself invincible. A giant, even among Simians, towers above Levi more than three feet. Even though Levi fights a good defensive fight, Gord ultimately overcomes him, but before Gord publicly dismembers Levi, Amy expands her incredible intellect again. She discovers a way to merge with Levi and turn her mental energy into physical power. This creates a new, temporary entity infinitely more powerful than Levi had ever been alone. No longer Levi and no longer Amy, as one, they easily defeat Gord in a public display and become legendary. Through this combat, Levi becomes the default leader of the Los Angeles Simian colony.

Since Warrior Simians are incapable of peace, Levi restores the Technical Simians to leadership of the colony and commands them to wage war on other Simian colonies. His rules are simple: donít eat Humans, and wage war against any Simian or Simian colony that does.

The total merging of Levi and Amy and the emergence of ASONE (As One) to defeat the Simian Giant Gord surprises and shocks everyone. Leviís friends view him in awe and became fearful. They treat him like a deity and withdraw. Itís as if he is absolute ruler and no one can make a decision, and everyone comes to him for decisions. Amy welcomes the opportunities, always ready with directions. She instructs Moon to take the remnants of the Colorado River colony back to the desert valley and settle in the northern valley to herd cattle for their own use as food. The armies are instructed to return to their homes.

Levi is alone and needs Human companionship but there are none. He forces Amy into expanding her mental abilities, developing yet another skill. He wants her to physically teleport his body back to the Arizona Mountains where it all began. Leviís challenge along with his need to remove himself from the stress, forces her to comply. She combines her ability of telekinesis with those of astral projection to accomplish this. The short rest renews his ability to cope with the day-to-day problems, and the new ability to teleport becomes a major weapon in their arsenal and greatly extends their involvement in their widening area of influence.

Realizing the war is just beginning, they assign tasks to the two Human communities, which includes the development of a new weapon to be used against the Simians. They also send Lancer patrols out to spread the news of the beginning of war, their victories, and to recruit new Humans to the armies.

The Los Angeles Simian colony presents the most complicated problem to be solved. It is destined to be an explosive situation. The constantly fearful Fred is left with the Los Angeles colony as a monitor, and observation indicates he is indeed in danger. The defeat of Gord made Levi the ruler of the colony, but the Humans donít have the might to destroy the Warriors if they rebel, and they are on the verge of rebellion. Amy teleports Levi and Moon into the main complex just as the revolt begins. The overwhelming odds trigger the entity ASONE to emerge as a juggernaut to defeat the assembly of Simian Generals and Warriors and restore order.

Amy and Levi agree that the Warrior Simians (Warrs) can never be controlled and a war of attrition must be waged. They force the LA Simians to fight the other Simian colonies to destroy each other. The allied Technical Simians (Techs) who have been freed from captivity are put in charge of the Warrs, and they quickly realize the genocide intent. The Techs request and are given full equality with humans for their continued commitment to the war, genocide of the Warrs, and the survival of the Human and Tech races. Moon is elevated in position and becomes the leader of both the Techs and females (Fems) of the Simians.

Once their plans begin, their attention turns to the onboard Simian computer at the LA complex and they question the only remaining computer-knowledgeable Technical Simian of their group, # 5, who provides many of the answers Amy requires. She previously discovered that the Simian computer technology was unaffected by the altered physical laws that destroyed Earthís technology, but the Warrs, being mentally limited, reject any form of technology. They now discover that the Simian computer operates on liquid nutrient not unlike her own life support. This excites her curiosity and suggests a plan.

They return to the desert community with # 5 in a visible show by teleporting in open view of the Simian Warrior army to demonstrate what the Warrs would believe to be magic to create fear. Fred and the other Techs are left behind to enforce the beginning of the genocide war of attrition on the Warrs.

Amy plans to install the Simian computer recovered in the desert at her facility. This will require help to deliver, carry, and install the Simian computer at her secret underground facility, which will require revealing herself to those involved. She chooses to disclose her existence to Al, Iron Eyes, and Moon, as the key members of their group, and to # 5, since he will be required to operate the Simian computer.

This small group teleports to her facility where she takes on some of her own features in Leviís appearance and speaks to them in her own voice through Levi. The awe and fear of Levi vanishes once they understand the true nature of her existence and the symbiotic relationship she shares with Levi. The friendships resume, and all is normal again.

The Simian computer is installed and hooked into her fluid life support, and communications is established between Amyís incredible mind and the alien computer. The Simian computer engineer, # 5, and Amy slowly develop a language between her and the computer, gaining access to vast amounts of information on the history of the Simians, incredible lost technology, and much additional potentially useful information.

Levi is required to provide the communication between # 5 and Amy but as the language develops Levi becomes unnecessary. This disturbs Levi, since he no longer has Amyís total attention, and he returns to the surface to join Moon, Iron Eyes, and Al. Levi finds the group in battle with a Simian patrol. He arrives in time to join them, and they destroy a three-Simian team.

Amy, deeply troubled by the presence of Simians at her facility, wants to investigate. They astral project to the Fresno Simian colony and find it deserted except for the Fems and a few guards. Their minds race north to the Stockton colony and discover the same. Continuing on, they discover the Stockton Simian army poised at the northern end of the Owens Valley ready to launch an attack. In panic, they race to the southern end of the valley and discover the Fresno Simian army moving south in an obvious intent to launch a coordinated attack on the Owens Valley. Most disturbing since Simian colonies had never worked together before. Something was very wrong.

They communicate with the telepathic communication team of Jimmy, Dawn, and Fred, relaying the bad news and directing the Techs and humans. Jimmyís team diverts out of the direct path of the Fresno Warrs, while Fred is directed to launch the LA Warrs to intercept the Fresno Warrs. Since the LA army is bigger than the Fresno army, some of the LA army split off to move toward the Fresno colony facilities.

The group then transports to Jimmyís location, where they engage and defeat a 7-member Simian patrol. They save the last Simian Warriors to interrogate. During the questioning, they discoverer the Simian colonies are now united under the leadership of a Supreme One. This brings fear to Moon.

Amy understands this fear, because this means another invasion force has landed on Earth since the original invasion and war. Additionally, she learned from the recorded history in the Simian computer that a Supreme One is a superior being of genetic engineering that would unite all Warrior Simians on Earth and virtually guarantee the extinction of the human race.

The small Human settlement saved by this engagement includes many Humans rescued from slaughter by the night infiltration of the LA colony and rescue. They would be doomed if they remained here, so Al adopts them into his settlement, while Amy teleports Iron Eyes back to Owens Valley to prepare for an evacuation.