Sara Reinke

Since 1998, Sara Reinke has been employed full-time as associate editor for Home & Away/Kentucky, a regional subsidiary of the fourteenth largest circulating magazine in the United States. Her features have been reprinted in other editions of Home & Away including St. Louis, Indianapolis, Chicago and Cincinnati, as well as within industry publications statewide.

She has earned two first place accolades and an honorable mention from the Kentucky Press Association for feature writing. Additional writing credits include first place and a $2,000 award in the 1990 statewide Sweet 16 Academic Showcase for creative writing. Most recently, she was named a recipient of a 2005 $1,000 Artist Enrichment Grant from the Kentucky Foundation for Women.

Titles Available from Sara Reinke

The ordinary and seemingly unrelated lives of Trejaeran Muirel and Qynh Reoder are forever and irrevocably changed when they learn they are brother and sister, twin heirs to the throne of Tiralainn, and the children of a murdered King of Men and Queen of the Elves. By Elfin prophecy, one of them will one day defeat Ciardha, the evil and immortal Queen who now reigns over the realm, and restore the alliance of men and Elves.
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