P.G. Baumstarck

P.G. Baumstarck started out as an electrical engineer until he decided he didn’t like electricity and so became a software engineer instead. He has read most famous science fiction novels and he strongly contends that 1984 is the best SF novel ever written.

Titles Available from P.G. Baumstarck

Fifty years after first contact, Earth has entered a golden age of technology and space exploration … Until a singularity erupts and a rogue AI destroys a capital city. Now the Earth is mired in depression, and humanity is distrustful of technology and suspicious of its alien allies.

In the broken state of Norway, Colonel Hanssen must protect his city–state from corporate armies and cartels. In space, Admiral Willoch observes the arrival of a mysterious alien threat that begins blockading Earth’s shipping routes. And in London, Agent Townsend is tasked with investigating evidence that these aliens may have already infiltrated the planet with spies. And as the threads of their stories converge, they realize that everything the aliens have told them about their place in the universe may have been a lie.
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