Charlene Roberts

Charlene Roberts is an author who began writing on a dare from a good friend. She’s published several short stories, and Eternal Heiress is her first full length fantasy novel. She resides in Toronto, Canada.

Titles Available from Charlene Roberts

Unexplained murders terrorize the city streets, and Tari Merytmut makes it her business to hunt the demons that suddenly infest the place she calls home. In her quest to discover the truth of her unique abilities, Tari visits her adoptive father and learns a startling fact; she is the direct descendant of the Egyptian Queen, Nefritari. Tari's lineage places her in mortal danger against an infamous demon intent on stealing her ancestor’s treasure to complete his domination of the planet. But Tari’s going to take the fight to the Devil’s doorstep, and show him that Hell hath no fury like a woman pissed.
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