Bianca Swan

Bianca lives in the Lone Star State with her baby grand piano and is very fond of her snazzy convertible whose name is Black Shadow. She was born in South Carolina but has lived in several cities in the US and abroad. One of her wonderful sons lives in England, the other in Texas (he designed her web site). She enjoys reading, horses, symphony, theater, and writing (living in other locales and other people’s minds). She still believes in the power of love—and the power of lust—and enjoys delving into the soul of both the L-Words, bringing to life hot men and the lucky women who love them.

Titles Available from Bianca Swan

The fallen angels have again risen against the Light, and the Second War in Heaven is raging. Paimon, General of Hell, yearned for a lover with the beauty of an angel and created a demon the exact replica of a celestial. He presents his creation with a powerful sword and appoints him commander of the demon forces. If Salseph returns to Hell with the sword in victory, Paimon vows to end Seph’s demeaning missions of seducing human women and destroying their lives. The promise is a double-edged blade. The demons under his control abhor Salseph as much as he reviles them.
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