August 2016Lazarus Kane And The Benevolent TerroristsRhys-Michael SilverlockeCan the Earth really be brought to ruins by good intentions? Who would use "Good Works" to try and bring about the end of the world? Leave it to Lazarus Kane, the idiosyncratic narcissist. to turn his mis-wired, afflicted brain to this dilemma... If not, you can always have a word with the millennia-old Priestess of the Temple Of Bastet. In a world where nothing is ever as it seems, the path to good intentions can certainly lead to Hell... August 2016It's A Wonderful DeathDerek BeebeA brave knight breaks her vows to fight against a lunatic king calling himself "the Doomsayer" and ends up dealing with unreliable henchmen, political assassins, and a sarcastic disembodied head in a bag. August 2016Silver HawkTwo young warriors, Silver Hawk and Morning-Owl, have to leave their people, and begin a journey of great peril. Their grandfather, White Feather has taught them magic. It is time for that magic to be tested. The tests will be many. The greatest of these tests will come from their enemy, Dark Night.

Silver Hawk knows that magic surrounds him, but he is still learning about it. This magic is powerful, frightening. He doesn't understand it at all. He can feel the ancestors are close, as if they are waiting, expecting something of him. Can Morning-Owl, his twin sister, feel it too? He can't shake the sensation that not only are they being followed by the ancestors, but something dark and powerful.

Once Silver Hawk fully accepts his magic, he is able to make use of it. Many forest creatures help him, as does his sister. Together they face their fate and the fate of their people.
August 2016Pygmy WarsRonald K. MyersAfter a knee-high pygmy’s father is killed, the pygmy searches for a safe place to live, but cannibalism creates a disease that causes pygmies to go mad and eat every living thing. August 2016Nixie And The Forbidden Heroes Of The New WorldJedaiah RamnarineNixie And The Forbidden Heroes Of The World is an All-New Superhero Sci Fi Romance in the year 2020, Berlin - told from the point of view of Nixie, an estranged young woman with an incredible fate ahead of her that will reshape the history of mankind. July 2016Inevitable ReckoningJeanne Helen CatesBartas, an Atlantean pilot crashes his air machine on the coast of Lemuria, a Utopian place of spiritual people believing in reincarnation. The inner continent is plagued by wild beasts causing the Lemurians to abandon their homes and go to live along the mountainous coast in dwellings built into the cliffs. He is rescued from drowning by a beautiful, young Lemurian woman, Liestra, a spiritual healer, and her half-beast half-human servant. Her father is a physician. Together they nurse him back to health. Bartas is intrigued by the young woman who is very different than any woman he has ever known. He goes with her and her servant on an inland trek to explore the old capitol city of Mu and they have to defend themselves in an encounter with a vicious beast. Facing danger with Liestra makes him realize without her his life would be empty. He takes her to Atlantis with him. They are beset with many problems, her disapproving parents, Bartas’s former jealous lover, and a scheming high priest, and trying to survive earth changes. Can their relationship withstand these challenges? Will they meet again in some future life to rekindle their love and work out their Karmic destiny?

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July 2016

In our darkest hour, Dallas Blake first stepped foot upon the decks of the Five Moons and changed everything. He didn’t know that evil men had conspired to destroy the ship and its crew when he bought a ship that was never meant for sale. Dallas found the crew they thought was lost and gone forever. He saved the Five Moons.

The Five Moons battled pirates and fought Mercs, all to make the Outworlds a safer place to live. They went wherever they were needed. Making a difference started with them. The Five Moons had become the Nexus of Fates and Evil’s worst nightmare. So Evil set in motion a plan, a masterpiece of evil. Like the gears of a clockwork angel of death, Evil’s plan moved relentlessly toward its inevitable conclusion.

Dallas Blake found beauty in the light of four moons and set them free, but he didn’t find me. Only he can do what it takes to set me free. Unless he does, none of us will survive. I am the fifth moon.

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July 2016

Who is Angel Leigh? Angel explains it best: “I am a Spiritual Messenger. All information given to me comes from within and is God given. I do not seek information from external sources such as tarot cards, crystal balls, or Ouija boards. I do not seek the Souls but am merely a messenger for those Souls who seek me and give me messages to deliver. I am not a fortuneteller or a predictor of the future. I believe only God knows our future.”

In Angel Leigh Book 2, the messages of thirty-eight Souls, plus many third party messages, are delivered to their loved ones. This book consists of messages sent by the Souls of babies, mothers, fathers, grandparents, husbands, wives, other family members and friends. Included with these Souls and recipients are: a well known Nashville country western singer sending messages to her daughter and best friend; a father sending a message to his daughter, a prominent President and Editor-in-Chief of a New York publishing company; and a daughter and sister, along with other family members, sending messages to a renowned Montana Crow artist.

What is heaven like? Angel describes heaven just as she sees it for each Soul and answers the question “Is heaven the same for all who enter, or is heaven ‘customized' for each Soul?” Imagine lightly falling snow, glittering magically, and “it is not cold.” Or picture a mountain meadow with the wind “swirling, leaving trails of pinks, reds, and blues.” And what if mud trails for four-wheeling, a beautiful orchard with trees laden with peaches, and a kitchen from the 1940's can also become “customized” heavens?

Can babies communicate messages to their mothers? Will husbands and wives be together in heaven? Do the Souls know what is going on with their families and loved ones on earth? Can Souls send signs?

Angel Leigh Book 2 is both thought provoking and comforting. Many questions, as Angel says, “can only be answered by God.” But, between these covers, questions about the afterlife are answered as the Souls send Messages Through Angel Leigh.

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